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Commercial Décor / Special Events


 Hot Chocolates and Cakebread Artisan Bakery in downtown Courtenay is a favorite client! Doing the seasonal décor for this lovely space is a truly a delight where I can really turn up the creative dial.


This creativity can be applied to whatever your decorating needs are whether it be a wedding, special event, retail space or business conference. If you need décor I can help you! 


Michele Henry G.M. and myself have happily turned over the creative duties of giving HC and CB seasonal personality's.

Teresa's ownership of this is the best investment we could make.

Teresa drafts a concept runs it by us and then sets out to make it all happen in a timely and efficient way.

 From developing the concept to sourcing, implementing and then transitioning to the next theme and storing the past season Teresa does it all.

  My only concern in writing this for Teresa is the pressure it will put on her when more clients discover her.

 Thank you for the wonderful displays Teresa. They are enjoyed by our clients our work and home families and the community at large.

 Best regards


Jorden Marshall-Owner- Hot Chocolates and CakeBread Artisan Bakery, Courtenay, BC

Teresa is incredibly talented and very easy to work with.

With only a loose idea of what we are hoping for in our decor, Teresa comes back to us with a full story board and a complete picture....the results often far exceed our expectations.


We are delighted to have Teresa doing our store decor.   Her talent allows us to capture a 'feeling' within the shop that creates an escape for people from their everyday.


Teresa creates a new 'space' for our customers each time she transitions our decor.  It is a delight to see where her imagination will take us!  

Michele Henry-General Manager of HotChocolates and CakeBread Artisan Bakery

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